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About Staell Limited

Staell Limited has been incorporated as a limited company in 2017.

As a company that strives to promote public safety, we have completely redesigned the business and are currently focusing on quality communication equipment available to businesses and individuals.

Safety should be everyone's priority, therefore we offer competitive pricing, to assure that those who rely on wireless communications have access to the service.

We are a Motorola MotoTRBO Series two-way radio distributor based in the UK, we offer digital DMR radio products and accessories. We sell to trade members, individuals, HAM users and can arrange buy-in-bulk offers.

Customer Service Team

A company’s success doesn’t just come from the ingenuity and well-crafted marketing of its product. This is why we deliver memorable and improved customer service.

Increased Coverage

Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) potentially provides better coverage. As signal strength decreases digital mobile radios have more range than analogue, as audio quality is maintained up to the edge of the coverage area.

Competitively Priced

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Benefits of Digital Radio Systems

Analog vs Digital

The main difference is in the way signals are transmitted and received. As in digital musical recordings, rather than use electrical signals resembling sound waves in order to deliver audio, digital radio transmits and receives by processing sounds into patterns of numbers.

Greater Range

Both analog and digital signals diminish as distance increases from a station transmitter. However, digital two-way radio offers improved audio quality at a greater range than analog through better resistance to interference from other signals and avoiding the imperfections of transmission and reception which are typical of analog.

Longer Battery Life

Transmitting analog radio is power-intensive, but new digital technology allows some radios to function about 40 percent longer on a battery charge than a comparable analog system.


Digital two-way radio is easier to secure than analog, which suffers from notable loss in voice quality when scrambled for privacy purposes.